the photography fox

A tiny life you carry, As you do your own, For nine months day in and day out, You are never alone…

Such a joy to photograph Dot and her 35 weeks old baby bump. We met at Dot’s Bronte place to capture some intimate moments and even managed to convince Dad-to-be Chris to sneak into a couple of shots. Then we ventured down to Bronte beach and celebrated Dot’s love of tea as she relaxed under a tree, and finally some beautiful times down on the beach – until it rained and we decided to RUN to somewhere dry! ¬†Gorgeous, can’t wait to meet their new little family member sometime soon xx

DOT_240 copy DOT_304 copy DOT_333 copy DOT DOT1 DOT_342 copy DOT_299 copy DOT_293 copy DOT_284 copy DOT_353 copy DOT_172 copy DOT_222 copy DOT_182 copy DOT_213 copy DOT_99 copy DOT_169 copy DOT_197 copy DOT_156 copy DOT_146 copy DOT_140 copy DOT_137 copy DOT_207 copy DOT_126 copy DOT_132 copy DOT_117 copy DOT_58 copy DOT_70 copy DOT_76 copy DOT_90 copy DOT_78 copy DOT_53 copy DOT_3 copy DOT_43 copy DOT_22 copy DOT_13 copy DOT_17 copy

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