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‘If you go down in the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise If you go down in the woods today you’d better go in disguise For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain Because today’s the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic’ by Henry Hall

Tara, Leonard and Indigo (The King family) love climbing trees and fun beach time – they enjoy picnics as a family and Indigo loves her teddy bears.. so we had a vintage style teddy bears picnic at Sydney’s Neilson Park.  What an adventure! Indigo didn’t stay still for more than a few seconds, apart from to take phone calls (!), trees were climbed – and we spent some time exploring the rocks at Shark Beach and strolling down the shoreline. Some lovely family moments were captured forever, what a beautiful shoot and a gorgeous family X
KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog133 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog0 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog126 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog140 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog136 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog124 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog19 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog123 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog31 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog121 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog6 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog12 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog74 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog129 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog135 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog76 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog134 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog57 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog132 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog61 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog131 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog130 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog129 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog127 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog54 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog46 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog128 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog45 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog72 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog43 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog44 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog84 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog33 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog95 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog97 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog137 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog111 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog138 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog99 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog98 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog101 KarenEvans_KingFamily_blog115

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