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Sun, snow and hail, all in a week in Hobart ..

We’re just back from our first family holiday together, we went to Hobart in Tasmania. What an amazingly friendly city! We saw snow, sun, mountains, windswept beaches and ate yummy food. KarenEvans_Hobart_blog1 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog2 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog13 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog24 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog35 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog44 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog8 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog11 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog12 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog7 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog14 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog9 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog10 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog5 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog4 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog3 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog17 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog18 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog19 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog20 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog21 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog22 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog23 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog29 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog30 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog31 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog32 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog45 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog46 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog33 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog47 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog48 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog15 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog26 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog25 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog27 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog28 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog34 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog37 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog41 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog38 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog39 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog40 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog36 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog42 KarenEvans_Hobart KarenEvans_Hobart_blog16 KarenEvans_Hobart_blog43

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