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With a teepee, accordion, fairy wands, bubbles and much more we had the most wonderful morning ..

The Bruce Family Shoot! Mum Danielle told me they as a family love Luna Park,  days out exploring and dressing up out so I created a Carnival Day themed shoot and what fun it was.  4.5 year old Katie was bundles of energy and her younger sister Bella almost 1 year old busy with her fairy wand was causing mischief, along with Danielle and Mark (Mum and Dad) not forgetting Grandma and Grandad the cheekiest of all 😉  With a teepee, accordion, fairy wands, bubbles and much more we had the most wonderful morning, and I thoroughly loved photographing this gorgeous loving family as they played and enjoyed the early morning. So much fun it was, I think we all needed a nap after!KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog21 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog5 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog22 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog12 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog13 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog1 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog2 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog20 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog10 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog11 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog19 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog17 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog18 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog14 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog15 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog16 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog23 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog30 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog29 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog28 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog27 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog26 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog25 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog32 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog31 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog6 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog4 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog3 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog9 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog7 KarenEvans_CarnivalShoot_BruceFamily_blog8

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